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The Rocky S2V Military Combat Boot

Today’s military uses the most advanced technology to keep our country safe, from their aircraft to even the boots they wear. The S2V Rocky Boots are engineered and created from the best materials, made right here in the United States. The preferred army combat boot, The S2V Rocky boot is flame, flash and water resistant with triple stitching and amphibious drainage vents. These military boots, made in the United States, offer a level of comfort, protection and performance that’s unrivaled.

Drop Shipped Tactical Boots Made in the USA

I Want USA Made can accommodate any sized order, from one pair of army combat boots to several dozen. If you’re looking for military boots made in the USA, we are your one stop source – providing flexible ordering options, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. Check out our two styles of Rocky S2V boots below – the vented duty boot for warmer and amphibious climates, and the Gore-Tex Insulated Tactical Boot designed to withstand colder temperatures while keeping your feet warm and protected.