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Fire and Arc Resistant Work Clothes Made in the USA

When working in environments with electricity and fire hazards, safety and quality are paramount. At I Want USA Made, we are proud to introduce our new line of FR/ARC clothing Made in the USA. Our selection of FR clothing made in the USA includes shirts, pants, coveralls, headwear and more, so you can be protected from head to toe. Each garment is made to the highest in quality and safety standards to meet all workplace safety requirements.

Flame Resistant Clothing

We offer electric arc and flame resistant clothing including articles containing Westex fabrics – an industry leader in flame and arc protection for over 20 years. Trusted by professionals throughout the world to protect them in hazardous working conditions, we are proud to offer you products with the same great quality. Shop our selection today!

Did You Know?

NFPA 70E states, “employees shall wear FR clothing wherever there is a possible exposure to an electric arc flash.”

Why Westex?


At Westex we understand how complex it is to engineer a fabric that can support a true guarantee of flame resistance for the life of the garment. With tens of millions of yards shipped over 20 years, Westex UltraSoft® and Indura® brand fabrics have delivered on this guarantee under the harshest test conditions and, more importantly, in the field.

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